Admitting Defeat

Posted by on February 20, 2012

After this weekend’s run I am giving in and admitting defeat or should I say defeet? My foot needs medial attention.

I took a few sharp rocks in the wrong shoes on a 16 mile run in Arizona. Things have not been the same even after 8 days off and then limited low distance running. The ball of my right foot is just not getting better. As I have mentioned before it is the ball of my right foot. The left foot had the same issue but not as severe and it is 100% healed now.

When I am walking around in shoes there is not a problem. When I am barefoot on tile or wood floors I can feel a little discomfort. On a pain scale of 1-10 it is less than a 1. After I run I get a swelling right under the foot of the ball. I ice it right away but 3-4 hours after my fun it is swollen but not enough to visually see it. I can feel the swelling when I walk.

I have been waiting a full day after I run to let the swelling go down and it does. Then I run and it starts all over again. I have not tried to run back to back days since I injured it.

Up until this weekend I have only been running 5 mile at a time. This weekend I did an 9 mile run and I did get a little more swelling. Unless I stop running altogether I am going to be miserable. If I stop running I am going to be miserable. But I have not tried to bike yet so that may be my saving grace for a while. I really don’t want to limp, pun intended, into my first ultra in mid March. Something needs to be done.

I have been told to see a particular doctor at the Des Moines University since he is a runner and more sympathetic to runners. I am going to make an appointment today and see what he says.

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3 Responses to Admitting Defeat

  1. Ed

    Update: I have an appointment with my local doc to get an xray tomorrow (Feb. 21st). I also have an appointment with a foot guy on March 1st. March 1st was the soonest I could get in.

  2. Erik

    Ed, I had a problem last winter with my feet, too. I went to far in my VFF’s on unfriendly ground (I had only done up to 1.5 but tried to get in 4 and ignored discomfort that started around 2.5 and kept going). Dr figured it was a stress fracture, but MRI revealed swelling in and around the bones in my feet. Lots of ice, cycling, orthotic in my work shoe to take the pressure off the area and I was back to running after about a month. Low mileage, and constant icing in A.M., after work and after running. It was a couple months before I was totally pain free when running. Good luck!!

    • Ed

      I am going to make it out on the bike this week and see if that aggravates it at all. Not sure about wearing my clipin shoes since those are so narrow.