Nathan Running Packs

Posted by on February 13, 2012

I need to get my hands on a running pack here pretty quick. I am down to two different Nathan models. I have tried to run with wather bottles but It just is not my thing. I think I will do much better with a vest over carrying two wather bottles.

The first option is the Nathan Endurance. Here is the front and back view.

The second option is the Nathan HPL20 model. Here are the front and back views.

Here are the specs side by side.

I am leaning towards the Endurance because of the form factor. It looks like it would hug the back better than the HPL20 model. The Endurance is an ounce heavier and has less capacity. The extra ounce is not a concern and the extra capacity of the HPL20 is not really necessary. I am not planning on using this for weekend hiking, just my races where I will be trying to carry as little as possible.

Have you use either of these packs for races or hiking? Which do you own or perfer?

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2 Responses to Nathan Running Packs

  1. jake

    I have the 20, it is awesome!

    • Ed

      I really wish I could hold the two and try them on. I am stuck between which one to order.