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Posted by on February 3, 2012

If you follow me on Daily Mile then you know I am trying to get below 200 lbs. This morning I was 202.4 and that means I might drop below 200 if I weigh myself after my long run this weekend. It will be a pretty big deal for me to see the 199 show up on the scale. It has been ages since I have been that low. Back in July when I started running more serious I was 222. I dropped 10 pound pretty easy but the last 10 has been really hard. You would think that with all the running it shouldn’t be so difficult but it was been. I thought I post what my food intake is for a typical weekend. So here we go….

Breakfast around 9:00. I am not a big breakfast person, never have been.

  • Two Diet Cokes.
  • Fruit, either banana or apple
  • Very rarely I will have a pack of oatmeal, maybe only a few times a month.

Lunch around 12:00. I switch between two option.
Option 1:

  • Wrap with Chicken and two strips of bacon. Cucumbers, pickles, a slice of pepper jack cheese, chipotle sauce. Two tomatoes and a 1/4 pickle on the side.
  • 32 oz of Diet Mt. Dew

Option 2:

  • Chicken Salad with low fat ranch dressing. Cucumbers, black olives.
  • 32 oz of Diet Mt. Dew


  • I eat what the family eats. We never have fried foods at the house. It is very sensible portions. Steak, fish, chicken. We grill out in the summer a lot. For the most part are pretty small eaters.

Post runs

  • Protien shake with milk.


We are big movie watchers since I put in a dedicated home theater. Tuesday is movie night and it is usually popcorn as the preferred snack. Yes we put button on it.

  • Air popped popcorn with (gasp!) butter
  • Maybe a little candy the kids have.

I do have a few beers here and there but not on any regular basis. Over a two week period I might have 6.

Weekends are a little different since I am not at work. I will normally have regular old cereal with the kids. Lunch and dinner just depend but we don’t eat out a lot. If we do it is a burrito and diet pop. If anything I don’t eat enough over the weekend.

So that is pretty much my normal food intake. Without totally going hard-core and not having anything fun (beer, popcorn, movie goodies) that’s about the best I can do. I need to make a better effort to get some protein in the morning. What do you think? See anything that would make my weight loss get so stagnant?

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9 Responses to Weekly Food Intake

  1. RunningMoose

    Congrats on decreasing more and more! I remember hitting below 200- I was so freaking ecstatic! I’m not sure where you started at, but I only had 16 (I was at 215) to get there. One thing that helped me was cutting sugary stuff out. I used to drink 48+oz of Mtn Dew a day. Maybe try cutting your 32oz to 16oz and add in 16oz of water. Best of luck on your continued journey!!

  2. Ed

    I started at 222. I am going cold turkey on the pop starting Monday.

    • RunningMoose

      Awesome! I’m glad to hear it, Ed!! I had a headache for a couple weeks after cutting it out (I was thinking it was from a combo of the sugar/ caffeine withdrawal). My energy level did sky rocket within a couple weeks after that!

  3. Sarah

    I’ve been living in France for awhile now so I’ve become a big fan but, you could try switching to sparkling water. We actually have a bubbly water machine at home which carbonates tap water and then you can add your own syrup flavors if you want to. We don’t add anything, maybe a slice of lemon but it does provide the bubbles that are so nice about soda. I know they sell “coke” flavor or lemon flavor, lots of other ones, and they are just a sugar syrup. The advantage is that you can decide how much syrup you want, if any. I’ve never been a big soda drinker but I’ve heard many times that just reducing soda intake a little and especially totally, can make a huge difference.

    I lost a bunch of weight when I first started running but I’ve been stuck at 65kgs (143lbs) for a long time. Despite longer and longer runs, more weekly runs, and even trying to watch when I eat, I can’t seem to lose anymore. I’m 5’8″ so I am not overweight…I would just like to be more toned at this point.

    I look forward to hearing how the soda reduction goes for you and especially celebrating with you when cross back into the 100s!

  4. Ed

    Hmm, the sparking water might be the ticket since I have read it is the carbonation that is part of the pop addiction. I am going to see what my options are so it is a stepping stone to stopping altogether. Great suggestion!

  5. Jay Austin

    This is good stuff. Congrats on the weight loss. I wonder if we’re the same runner – didn’t you post about sz 14 shoes at some point? Absolute bitch to find shoes that big in Bolivia.
    Anyway, I ran my first Ultra in 2010 at 220. Tipped the scales at the start of 2011 somewhere north of 230. Never stopped running, just used running as an excuse to eat more.
    When I moved to Bolivia in February, I was as heavy as I had ever been, but the change in lifestyle (combined with a bout of Dengue) I lost 20 lbs in the course of a month or so.
    I’ve continued to lose weight. In October when Runningmoose and I ran a 50k together, I was 205ish. Today I was 190 and have been hovering there for a few weeks, but it seems to be dropping. Almost going to change my weight on DM, but need that weight to stay consistent through a recovery week…
    Not entirely sure what’s different, but I think I eat more vegetables, and almost never go out to eat. I also eat a reasonable breakfast, something I never did in the US. Something along the lines of a bowl of cereal, or a couple of scrambled eggs.

    Going to have to really give this some thought, and write something up myself…
    Congrats again.

    • Ed

      Yep, that was me posting on your blog about wearing size 14. As hard as it is here in the Midwest I bet it is impossible where you are. It is great to see someone running more my size and to hear about your weight loss. Gives me hope to reach the 190 mark!