Trail 100 Phoenix, AZ

Posted by on February 2, 2012

I had a chance last weekend to run out in the Phoenix, AZ area. There is a mountain perserve park less than 6 miles from my hotel. I took off one day and decided to get in as much running as I could handle.  Here are a few photos from the adventure. I also posted a full update on Daily Mile at


Trail 100 was the name of the trail and was marked about 80% with posts like you see above.


The cacus on the hill above looked like a cross to me.  Good opportunity to take a photo.


The above shot was at the 8 mile turn around point.


A nice shot of Phoenix in the background next to the mountain on the left.  The haze was very thick.


Above was a the typical view most of the way.


I wore my New Balance Minimus and it was a big mistake.

[gmap control=”roadmap,satellite,hybrid,terrain,navigation,scale” file=”__UPLOAD__/2012/02/activity_144858740-120202_171236.kml”]

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2 Responses to Trail 100 Phoenix, AZ

  1. Jay Austin

    Nice photos Ed.
    I dig the orange MT10s. I ran in my Black and Gold ones (University of Colorado colors) today actually. Wanting more shoe, but they don’t sell size 14 in Bolivia. I will be having a pair of the MT110s brought down to me as well as something for the road.
    Re: Arizona. Once we’re done here, I’d be open to moving there that’s for sure, but more likely somewhere like Flagstaff…I expect the heat won’t be much of an issue anymore.

  2. Ed

    I almost bought the black/gold since those are Iowa colors as well. But orange is my favorite color so I had to go with them. I also wear since 14. I had a hard time finding the MT 110 in stock that big. You’ll have to let me know what you think of the MT110’s if you get a pair. I’ll be posting my own review in a couple of weeks.