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Altra Loan Peak Unboxing

Here is the unboxing and some initial observations on the Altra Lone Peak trail shoes. I am really excited to get them on my feet and get in some decent miles. I had an alergy attack about 30 minutes before shooting this so I am really nasally. I also say “Umm” a heck of … Continue reading »

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Persistent Hunter Logo

I have been playing around tonight trying to create a Persistent Hunter logo. I needed something to interject into videos for a start and finish screen. I am pretty happy with what I came up with. The idea comes from African shield and spear images I have seen many times. The shield in this … Continue reading »

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Altra’s ALTRAMANIACS (Pilot Episode)

The ALTRAMANIACS pilot episode just came out. As someone who is waiting for the Loan Peaks to be delivered from UPS today I found this pretty funny. Spread the Altra love and watch the ALTRAMANIACS.

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IPod Replacement

Back in January I send in my first generation iPod Nano in as part of the Apple replacement program. There is apparently a fire hazard on the first generation Nano so Apple did the right thing and offered replacements. Apple really stepped up and gave everyone 6th generation Nanos instead of trying to replace the … Continue reading »

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Foot Update

I made it to my doctor today. We talked about the injury, how it occurred, and what I am experiencing after my runs. We ended up taking 3 x-rays at different angles of the foot. The good news is that nothing is cracked or fractured. It has been too long for it to be a … Continue reading »

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Sunday’s Trail Photos

One my Sunday run I tried to capture a few photos of the local bike trails that I was running on. It was far too wet for any dirt running at this point in Iowa. The dirt trails were pretty much soup. Unless we get another freez or more snow it will be a … Continue reading »

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Altra Lone Peak

I ordered a pair of the Altra Lone Peaks this past weekend. I have not been comfortable in any shoes I currently run in over 15 miles. It seems that my feet get to a point around 18 miles that they are the part that hurts the most on my body. I don’t have any … Continue reading »

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Admitting Defeat

After this weekend’s run I am giving in and admitting defeat or should I say defeet? My foot needs medial attention. I took a few sharp rocks in the wrong shoes on a 16 mile run in Arizona. Things have not been the same even after 8 days off and then limited low distance running. … Continue reading »

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Trail Dreaming

I have to admit the past few weeks I have been dreaming of spring almost every day. Around here trail running or riding pretty much shuts down when it is too wet. Late winter can be the worst time of year for the trails. It is usually not cold enough to freeze the trails to … Continue reading »

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Hawkeye 50k Update

I got an email this morning for an update on the Hawkeye 50k. It looks like the race is full. There are only three age divisions: Junior (up to 29), Senior (30-49, usually a big division), and Masters (50+). That kind of bites I think. Not that I plan to contend for a top 3 … Continue reading »

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